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✨Mother's Day Sale✨-16 color sensor toilet light (buy 2 get 1 free (3PCS)👍)

✨Mother's Day Sale✨-16 color sensor toilet light (buy 2 get 1 free (3PCS)👍)

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Real customer evaluation:


"It's fun not having to turn on the light when half asleep. My husband loves it. I love that I'm not woken up by the bathroom light anymore!"



No more blinding lights at 1am

Do you often go to the toilet in the dark at night?

You stumble out of bed and into the bathroom...and then have to make a tough decision whether to turn on the blinding lights or fumble your way into the bathroom.

Never miss your mark or stumble in the dark of your bathroom again with this toilet light!

This LED toilet night light is motion activated and turns on when it detects motion in the dark, then turns off automatically to save bulb life and energy.

It's very easy to use. Simply hang the flexible arms over the toilet rim, no stickers or tools required. With the push of a button, you can choose from seven different colors on one device: blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or green.

Bring a little life into your bathroom!

Beautiful energy-efficient night light with motion detection

This is perfect for you if...

You have a child who is afraid of the dark: Your child can now get up in the middle of the night without fear of the dark because the toilet light will automatically turn on as soon as they enter the room.

Du gehst häufig mitten in der Nacht auf die Toilette:Toilettenlichter eignen sich hervorragend, um mitten in der Nacht den Weg ins Badezimmer zu finden, ohne grelles, helles Licht einzuschalten.

Sie wollen ein energiesparendes Licht:Angetrieben von 3xAAA-Batterien (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten), minimieren Sie den Energieverbrauch und maximieren Sie die Batterielebensdauer, kostengünstiger als andere.

✓Motion sensor detects human movement and automatically lights up in the dark and turns off when you leave
✓ Available with 8 or 16 colors of LED lights, you can rotate or choose a fixed color
✓Infrared sensor probe and IC cross-flow ensure fast and reliable detection
✓Soft PVC grab bars are easy to install, suitable for any type of toilet and easy to remove



Material: ABS

Light color: 8 or 16 colors

Power: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Product size: 7*6.5*1.7cm

toilet night light

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