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🔥Last Day Promotion - Children's preschool crocodile felt

🔥Last Day Promotion - Children's preschool crocodile felt

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Versatile Montessori toys
For child development: A fun way for children to learn to "know time"? Tying shoelaces? Buttons? Turning gears? They can learn basic life skills such as "zipping", acquire the movements needed for everyday life, and develop their hand dexterity.

Designed for small hand manipulation
Our Montessori toys are well-constructed and the buckles are perfectly sized for young children to hold. You can also make educational boards with your child to teach them spelling and counting. Great toddler activities to replace screen time.

Travel toy for toddlers
It looks like a duffel bag and opens up shaped like a cute crocodile. The lightweight design of the travel toy for 1-2-3-4 year old toddlers allows your child to use this board in the car or on the plane to eliminate boredom and keep your baby busy. Your child will never be bored on a trip again.

Soft and portable
Felt toys: toys made of lightweight felt material are soft, do not break when thrown, and have a long service life. And with a good feel and meticulous workmanship, there are no sharp parts, so children can play safely.

Open 33.18"
Close 9.14" x 8.7"

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