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🔥Summer Gift 60% OFF🔥Pet Grooming Brush - Double Sided Shedding And Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb

🔥Summer Gift 60% OFF🔥Pet Grooming Brush - Double Sided Shedding And Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb

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  • Material: TPR+ABS+Stainsteel
  • TotalLength: 6.7inches/170mm
  • Teeth Wide: 0.12inches/3mm

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE RESULTS - This is a premium-grade pet grooming and de-matting comb is designed to effectively get rid of all loose hairs, knots, and tangles from your pet’s coat. It is an affordable yet handy tool that lets you give your pet professional-grade grooming at home.
  • DUAL HEADED DESIGN - Unlike other dematting tools for pets that come as a set with interchangeable heads, the 2-in-1 head design of our undercoat rake gives you the same convenience from a single unit. It has 9 more rounded blades on one side for de-matting and 17 razor-sharp blades on the other side for de-shedding.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel blades, this undercoat rake for pets is rust-, stain-, and odor-resistant. It is also super durable for long-lasting use. Its smooth blades are also easy to clean – you can simply wipe them down using a damp cloth or rinse the comb under running water after use.
  • COMFORTABLE NON-SLIP HANDLE - This is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use dog or cat grooming tools thanks to its ergonomic anti-slip silicone handle. It gives you a better, more effective grip for less strenuous combing. The handle also has an eyelet for convenient hanging/storage after use.
  • DESIGNED FOR LONG-HAIRED BREEDS - Our premium cat and dog undercoat rake is especially ideal for long-haired pets. Its long blades effectively reach into long hairs making it ideal for breeds such as Golden Retrievers. The smooth rounded edges of the blades are safe for pet skin, giving them a comforting massage during dematting and deshedding. Get one today and make grooming time fun!



  • NO SCRATCH & NO PAIN - Stainless steel round teeth makes it safer and more comfortable on pet skin. It not only helps remove undercoats and loose hair without pulling or cutting the fur, but also cuts through knots and gets the mats out without scratching pet skin, making grooming a lot easier.

  • GET RID OF HAIR MESS - Quickly and gently remove loose hair, mats and tangles with minimal tearing and cutting. Creating a soft, smooth and shiny fur in minutes.

  • ALL IN 1 TOOL- Dematting, deshedding & brushing at the same time. Easy and pleasant use for you & great experience for your pet. Durable and comfortable handles in solid construction, easy to hold and fit well in hand.

Skin Safe:

This Pet Grooming Brush is designed with sharpened but fine round teeth, which allows you to easily remove knots, tangles, and loose hair without irritation or scratching. 

Effective Deshedding Tool:

This Pet Grooming Brush gently removes hair from the undercoat, which helps to remove dander, trapped dirt, and hair. It's the perfect solutaion for cats and dogs with thick fur or a dense double coat. 

Comfortable to Use: 

Take out even the finest knots with ease. This Pet Grooming Brush is lightweight and has a non-slip handle that makes it comfortable and stable to use while grooming.


  • Please clean it promptly after each use and keep it properly.
  • Avoid cleaning it with water directly to preserve the blade.
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