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Fuchsia Flowers Seeds Lantern Flower, Bonsai Flower Seeds

Fuchsia Flowers Seeds Lantern Flower, Bonsai Flower Seeds

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Full-bloom Period: Summer
Type: Blooming Plants
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Function: Beautifying
Classification: Novel Plant
Variety: Flower
Use: Outdoor Plants
Style: Perennial
Climate: Temperate
Location: Courtyard
Product Type: Bonsai
Planting instructions:
Usually carried out in a greenhouse, with deep l0cm shallow basin, rich in humus sandy loam is appropriate. After the basin filled with wood Calibrating the soil surface compaction, soil irrigated after water wet, can be planted. Sowing is not too dense, can be incorporated into the sand, along with the seeds sown in the rear surface of the casing (to see the seed for the degree), the surface of the cover glass pots, newspapers, etc., in order to reduce the evaporation of water, usually 10-15 days after germination, mulch can be opened.
Soil: loose hi-drained sandy loam.
Moisture: winter and rainy season 2-3 days watering once and sunny autumn watering once a day, in a semi-dormant state to control moisture and prevent defoliation, rot phenomenon.
Sunshine: hi sunny environment, lack of sunshine and easy leggy, causing flowering is reduced.
Fertilizer: Shi enough organic fertilizer before planting, growth stage control nitrogen, to prevent excessive growth, flowering Adding P and K.
Temperature: growth temperature for 15-25 degrees, fear hot summer heat, temperatures over 30 degrees, it will enter the semi-dormant winter not less than 5 degrees.

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