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3D Disentanglement Metal Puzzle Set

3D Disentanglement Metal Puzzle Set

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Take a time off to video games and challenge yourself with this brain busting 3D disentanglement metal puzzle set! 

This brain-teasing puzzle set comes in different 3D metal-linked pieces that are sure to exercise and give your mind a bit of a challenge. Each design has their own varying levels of difficulty and your main goal is to successfully unhook all of them as fast as you can. Sounds easy? Wait till you get your hand on one of these tricky pieces and dare your family or friends on who can complete the entire puzzle first! Moreover, this metal puzzle set does not only trigger fun, but it also improves your cognitive ability, patience and concentration. Suitable for all ages, especially for kids so they can practice and boost their mental skills at an early age.  

The 3D disentanglement puzzles are packed in a handy, carry-on bag to keep your mind sharp and cure boredom anytime, anywhere. Making it an enjoyable, mind-busting travel game whether you're at home or out on work, school, travel, vacation, parks, transit, picnics, and so on. Made with premium, rust-resistant metal materials that boasts to last for years of daily usage without wearing-off. No worries as each puzzle piece does not contain any sharp edges to ensure the player’s safety and health at all times. 

Open your mind and improve your mental fitness using this brain-training 3D disentanglement metal puzzle set! 


  • Fun Brain Teaser Puzzles
    A set of Chinese cultural intelligent toys designed in sturdy, 3D metal-linked puzzles in different shapes that’s ready to be disentangled anytime. Each interlocked piece comes in varying levels of difficultness on how they are to unhook which would surely challenge your mind. The main goal of this exciting puzzle set is to successfully unlink all pieces as fast as you can which sounds easier said than done! Give yourself a fun brain teaser and dare your family or friends on who can complete the entire puzzle first. No worries as brute force won’t on these clever pieces!   

  • Excellent Mind Booster
    These tricky pieces pack the perfect combination of endless fun and problem-solving that would test everyone’s cleverness and patience. It can effectively stimulate your cognitive ability, including observation, understanding, analysis and reasoning. These brain twister puzzles also work as great assistants to help your youngsters train and improve both of their IQ and EQ skills at an early age. It even allows them to practice their concentration and focus and keep them off from too much screen time. What’s more? This metal puzzle set not only involves mental capabilities, but it also acts as an outlet to calm nerves and serves as a distraction to relieve stress when overstimulated. Perfect to those who experience fidgeting, anxiety, restlessness, ADHD, ADD, and so on.    

  • Great For All Ages
    Can be enjoyed by all individuals of any educational levels, whether young or old. Making it the best mind-boggling 3D puzzle set you must have in your space to exercise your mind and keep them sharp. Furthermore, these pieces are also a sure enjoyable cure to boredom and pass off time. You can work on it solo or have more fun solving by calling for a friend and achieve that rewarding and therapeutic feeling. 

  • Travel-Friendly Game
    Come in a handy, carry-on bag to give you maximum portability. They are also all light so you can carry them around without struggling and weighing you down. Allowing you to have a good travel game anytime, anywhere you go to concentrate and give your mind a fun challenge. Suitable when you're at the comfort of your home or at work, school, travel, vacation, parks, transit, picnics, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic thickened metal wire material with an excellent durability and rust-resistance capabilities. It can hold out against multiple drops and daily usage without bending or breaking. Additionally, this clever puzzle pieces set are all smooth to touch to ensure that you can play them on at all times with complete safety. 


  • Material: Thickened metal
  • Size: 15 x 18cm


  • 1 x 3D Disentanglement Metal Puzzle Set [8pcs/set]
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