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3D Jelly Pen Set

3D Jelly Pen Set

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Step into a world of vibrant and captivating creations with our 3D Candy Color Gel Pen Set. Unleash your artistic talents and add a new dimension to your art, crafts, and projects.聽

Whether you're a seasoned artist or an enthusiastic DIY enthusiast, this set offers a new level of creativity. The glossy ink effortlessly flows onto paper, canvas, and more, creating an eye-catching effect that transforms your work into masterpieces.

  • Vivid Glossy Finish: Achieve a stunning glossy effect that catches the light.
  • Versatile Medium: Perfect for art, journaling, card making, and more.

  • Smooth Application: Enjoy effortless gliding for precise detailing.
  • Variety of Colors: Explore an array of bold and dazzling shades.

  • Long-Lasting Ink: Create durable and vibrant results that endure.
  • All-Ages Friendly: Suitable for both adults and children.


  • 3D Glossy Jelly Pen - 3-dimensional ink for creating raised effect best on non-porous smooth, clean, dry surfaces. It applies with a paint-like effect that rises while drying over several minutes on non-porous surfaces.
  • Brighten Up Handwriting - Gel ink pens deliver a consistent medium line to the last stroke and reflective lustre that is distinct and adds an energetic zest to any writing, drawing, or doodle.
  • Smooth Writing Experience - These Gel Ink Pens feature a 1.0mm ball with a 0.5mm line. Water-based gel ink, ice cream smooth, consistent bold line 0.5mm, ultra-vivid, opaque ink colors on white or dark paper.
  • Consistent Ink Flow - Ink is waterproof, chemical-proof, and fade-resistant, will not smear or feather when dry, provide us a brightening, clean writing experience, no smears, feathers, or bleed-through on most papers and surfaces
  • Assorted Ink Colors - There are 12 or 6 different brightening colors, Perfect to decorate cards, book covers, ornaments, votives, frames, fill rubberstamp designs, and more.


  • Material: plastic+gel
  • Pen tip: 1.0mm
  • Package Included:Choice 1(A+B):12 x 3D Glossy Jelly Ink Pen(12 Colors)Choice 2(A or B):6 x 3D Glossy Jelly Ink Pen(6 Colors)

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