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50 Alba White Foxglove Seeds

50 Alba White Foxglove Seeds

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50 Alba White Foxglove Seeds
*All seeds 100% Guaranteed

Pure white with light dalmatian spots elegant bell shaped blooms creating stunning one sided spires for a stand out plant in any garden.

Self seeding providing an endless supply of these striking tall plants.

Height 4 feet tall

For flowering in the same season, sow early Spring in good, free draining compost, just covering the seeds lightly.

Keep moist during germination.

Transplant or sow direct after risk of frost has passed.

Germination 10 to 21 days at 13 to 15C (55 - 60F)

When seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant into pots and finally planting outside in Sun or part shade
after risk of frost has passed. Harden plants off gradually before moving them to their final planting position.

Full sun to partial shade in well drained soil

Caution: Foxgloves are poisonous if eaten
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