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Angelonia Serena Mix F1 Seed

Angelonia Serena Mix F1 Seed

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Serena Angelonia seeds develop into a lovely, exquisite plant that produces continuous blooms from early spring through summer. A hardy annual, this gorgeous summer snapdragon will amaze you with its elegant look and dainty flowers in lush, bold colors such as pink, purple and white against rich green foliage. Suitable for borders and containers, this variety delights even the most discerning gardener.

A multi-award winning series, Serena varieties are covered with short spritely spikes that cover the entire plant all summer long! (Grows about 50% larger in Florida-like conditions.) The superb, low-maintenance Serena F1 doesn't need much water and thrives in the summer heat, with vivid flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Add these graceful blooms to your walkways around your garden for a blend of amazing cool colors. Or, sell them in premium packs, pots, and mixed containers. Grow Serenity Angelonia from seed by adding it to your cart today!

Color: Mixture of Serena Blue, Lavender, Purple and White
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