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Anti Vaping Necklace™

Anti Vaping Necklace™

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Kick Your Vape To The Curb

Tired of being stuck in the vaping trap?

Our Anti Vaping Necklace is your ticket to break free. 

Imagine a world where you're not controlled by cravings, where every exhale helps you conquer that urge. It's not just a necklace – it's your partner in overcoming vaping, making each breath a step towards a healthier, vape-free life

Manage Stress Naturally - Use the power of your breath wherever you are!
Crafted to replicate the calming effect you get from vaping, but in a much healthier way.
Increase focus, decrease stress and become the best version of yourself!

Save Money 💰 

Get Healthier 🌱

Vaping isn't just harmful to your health; it's a drain on your wallet too.
Did you know the average vaper spends $646 per year?

Imagine the possibilities with that money – travel, treats, or savings!


1. Inhale - Deeply inhale through the nose to and take a pause at the top, to mimic a similar action to vaping. 

2. Exhale - Slowly control your exhale through the necklace to alleviate any feelings of anxiety or cravings that come from nic withdrawal.

3. Release - Repeat this regularly to experience a sense of inner calmness and improved emotional-wellbeing over time.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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