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Auraze Mini-Portable Package Heat Sealer

Auraze Mini-Portable Package Heat Sealer

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Introducing the Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer, the perfect tool to keep your snacks fresh and crispy! With its compact size and powerful sealing function, our mini sealer is a must-have for every kitchen and pantry.

Our Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer comes with two modes: Heat Seal and Seal Opener. You can use the Heat Seal mode to seal any plastic bag quickly and easily. And with the Seal Opener mode, you can effortlessly open any sealed bag without damaging the contents inside.

Our Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer is powered by batteries, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime. No need to search for an electrical outlet or worry about cords getting in the way. Just pop in some batteries, and you're ready to seal!

Our Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer is designed to occupy very little space. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and you can store it anywhere in your kitchen or pantry. Say goodbye to bulky sealing machines and hello to our space-saving sealer!

Our Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer also comes with a detachable hook that you can use to hang it up for easy storage. Hang it on your fridge, pantry door, or anywhere you like for quick access whenever you need to seal a bag.

Using our Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer is a breeze! Just place the bag you want to seal between the sealer's jaws, press down, and slide the sealer along the edge of the bag. Voila! Your snack is now sealed and fresh for later.

In summary, our Auraze Mini-Portable Heat Sealer Sealer is a convenient and versatile tool that will keep your snacks fresh and crispy. With its two modes, battery-powered convenience, space-saving design, detachable hook, and easy-to-use function, it's a must-have for any kitchen and pantry. Order yours today and start enjoying fresh snacks anytime, anywhere!



Material: Plastic
Package Size: 200 x 100 x 50 mm
Function: Two-in-one unpacking
Material: ABS+hardware ceramic
Size: 40*35*140MM (packing size 15*4.3*4.7M)
Packing: OPP+ neutral box
Net weight: 50 grams (including packaging 64 grams)
Product color: gray, brown
Suitable for snack bags of various materials
Batteries not included

In order for the device to work properly, try a sightly hard press. After usage please make sure that the contact parts that seals (marked with the "+" sign on the product) are not touching!

Make sure to first insert the 2 AA batteries into the product to power up! In order to insert the batteries, slide the top cover!

Packing List:

Auraze Mini-Portable Package Heat Sealer * 1

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