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Azan Clock

Azan Clock

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Whether we’ve had the privilege of visiting the Holy Lands or are still waiting to make your Holy Journey, our hearts desire to listen to the beautiful call to prayers which echo in those blessed places.

 If you miss listening to the soothing sounds of the call to prayer (Azan), look no further! Haramain brings to you state of the art wall clock which comes with a 15-inch (38 cm) display with multiple calls to prayer. You can set your clock to sound Makki, Madani, Jerusalem, Riyadh & Egyptian Azan. This clock is specifically designed to enjoy the Azan of the best Mu'addins in the world at any prayer time.

 It doesn’t matter what city you reside in; the clock can be set to fill your home with Azan based on your local prayer times.

This premium clock comes with multiple features, is easy-to-set and is adaptable for all types of users.


Few salient features of the clock include:

  • Azan times for all cities around the world.
  • Adhan in multiple voices.
  • Alarm for all prayers.
  • Hijri and Gregorian calendar.
  • Display language is Arabic or English.
  • Built-in alarm: Yes
  • Display type: Digital


Clock Measurements:

Screen: 15 in (38 cm)

Width: 14.5 in (37 cm)

Height: 9.6 in (24.5 cm)


This Azan clock will make a great addition to your home and help you answer every call to prayer!

Give yourself or your loved one the gift of Azan. This may be one of your best investments in your forever future!

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