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B-Grade ThermaLight Infrared Bulb

B-Grade ThermaLight Infrared Bulb

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Save 75% on a replacement bulb for your Tungsten or Photon panels. B-Graded for visual defects in the glass, but provides the same light and heat therapy benefits as the standard ThermaLight® bulbs.

Product not covered under SaunaSpace warranty and not available for return. All Sales Final.

Available While Supplies Last

Experience infrared therapy the way nature intended with our proprietary ThermaLight® bulbs. We spent years perfecting a spectrum that delivers near, mid, and far infrared, plus red light just like the sun—but with none of the harmful UV. 

The bottom line: you get the best heat and light therapy in less time. Sweat faster, feel better.

  • No harmful UV light
  • No blue light
  • No flicker stress
  • Delivers 2–4x more red and near infrared wavelengths than competitors
  • Mouth-blown stained glass made using ancient techniques
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