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The 7 Orbiting Lunar Ring

The 7 Orbiting Lunar Ring

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Featuring a removable bead for easy arranging and customization, the charm bead open design allows you to add, remove or rearrange beads to meet your needs and aesthetic desires

In our beautiful solar system, there are 7 moons significantly larger than the rest. They are Ganymede (Jupiter), Titan (Saturn), Callisto (Jupiter), Io (Jupiter), Luna (Earth), Europa (Jupiter), and Triton (Neptune).

This ring was created as an ode to our Universe's unique diversity

Beautiful, elegant, and discrete, these mindfulness rings are the perfect portable support for all of us carrying a bit of anxiety.

Ideal for fidgety fingers or pent-up energy the rotatable metal beads aid in preventing nail biting and skin picking.

*features a removable bead for easy arranging and bead count customization
the ring comes with 7 beads*

>not sold in stores<
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