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Vacuum Food Fresh Cover

Vacuum Food Fresh Cover

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Discover the magic of the Vacuum Seal Food Guardian! Maintain the delicious taste of your leftovers as if they were freshly prepared by vacuum sealing them. Effortless to use, simply position the cover over your food on a clean, smooth-surface plate, and gently press down to establish a vacuum seal.



MICROWAVE FRIENDLY: Suitable for use in microwaves, it can withstand high temperatures without compromising its effectiveness or durability.

FRIDGE READY: Preserve your food's flavor and freshness using the Vacuum Seal Food Cover in the refrigerator – say goodbye to tasteless leftovers!

LIGHTWEIGHT & LONG-LASTING: This lid is also microwave safe safe and can be stacked for easy storage.

VERSATILE FIT: Designed to accommodate a wide range of plate and dish sizes, it's perfect for everyday use.

DATE INDICATOR: Featuring a button on the top of the cover, you can effortlessly track the storage time of your food, simplifying your life.

USER-FRIENDLY: To create a vacuum seal, simply position the cover over your food, ensuring contact with a clean, smooth-surface plate, and apply gentle pressure on the top.

MATERIAL: Made with high-quality ABS material that is completely safe to store your food.

Dishwasher safe: Vacuum food sealer, dishwasher safe.

Eco-Friendly: Vacuum Food Sealer is committed to a greener future, which is why our Vacuum Food Sealers are BPA-free and reusable. By using our Vacuum Food Sealer, you'll be reducing plastic waste and contributing to a more sustainable world.


  • Weight: 180g/271g with color box
  • Material: ABS.
  • Color: Black / Blue / Green / Pink.
  • Size: 19*15.5*7.5cm


Package Include:

  • 1 x Vacuum Food Fresh Cover


  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.
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