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Craspedia flower - 50 Seeds - Non GMO

Craspedia flower - 50 Seeds - Non GMO

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Craspedia is a beautiful plant that impresses with its amazing appearance. Its inflorescences are shaped like yellow balls. Craspedia belongs to the Asteraceae plant. Its natural area of occurrence is Australia. The height is usually 24-30 in. Yellow baskets of spherical flowers are located on the tips of stiff, leafless shoots. The average diameter of the inflorescence is 0.8-1.2 in. A cut flower in a vase looks good even for two weeks. Craspedia globosa was first described in 1867 by George Bentham. Craspedia can be used to create interesting compositions on discounts. Mainly recommended for country-style gardens, but thanks to its unusual appearance, it will decorate any garden. It will look beautiful in the company of flowers of contacting colors and ornamental grasses. Planted in deep pots - it will beautifully decorate a balcony or terrace. The perfect plant for creating dry bouquets.
Seeds are sowing in February under covers. They germinate after 10-20 days at 64F. After 6-8 weeks, the seedlings are picked into pots 2-3 in. in diameter. Permanently plant them from March under foil covers, and in the second half of May, to the ground. Craspedia, as it is quite exotic plant, requires warm, sunny and permeable soil. Blooms profusely all summer until fall.

The package contains about 50 seeds (0.1 g)

Sowing: February (under cover)
Flowering: July – September
Height: max. 30 in.
Spacing: 12 x 20 in.
Latin name: Craspedia globosa
Life form: one-year-old

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