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Fantasy Style Faucet Draining Mat

Fantasy Style Faucet Draining Mat

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Are you tired of a constantly wet and discolored countertop under your faucet and dish soap?

The solution is here! Our fantastically styled draining pad is a sturdy and flexible pad that stays in place, drains well, and keeps your countertop dry.


Featuring powerful absorbency, this pad can quickly and efficiently absorb water from a typical countertop. 

It's also easy to clean - simply use a brush and detergent and rinse with water.

The back of the pad has a rectangular textured finish for a firmer grip on the countertop to prevent sliding.

Installation is a breeze too. Designed in accordance with the international hole diameter of 6.35cm, it's suitable for most homes. Don't settle for a constantly wet and discolored countertop - get our draining pad today and keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh!




  • Material: Diatomaceous earth
  • Size: 38*13.8*0.3cm

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