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Heavy Petals Pine Leaf Peony

Heavy Petals Pine Leaf Peony

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🌸 Pine leaf peony, the leaves are like pine leaves, and the flower type is like a peony, which is a common sunflower. There are also many varieties of sunflowers, including single-petaled and heavy-petaled, of which the heavy-petaled ones look like peonies, so they are called pine-leaf peonies. #Flowers & Flowers # #Plant#

🌸🌸Pine leaf peony is very easy to grow and suitable for beginners
It can grow very well on a balcony with more sunlight. It is suitable for keeping on a south-facing balcony. Only when there is sufficient sunlight can more flowers bloom.
If the pine leaf peonies are kept in a shaded place, the plants are prone to overgrowth, and the flowering will be reduced or even no flowering.
🌱How to sow?
The seeds can be evenly sprinkled on the soil surface, covered with a thin layer of soil (half a centimeter thick), and then watered to moisten. If you use a flower pot to cultivate, you need to soak the pot to absorb water from the drainage hole at the bottom, prepare a water pot, put the seedling pot into the soak pot after filling the water, and take it out after the soil is completely wet.

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