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Heirloom White Habanero Seeds - Capsicum chinense - B71

Heirloom White Habanero Seeds - Capsicum chinense - B71

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White Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense)

Disclaimer: The use of plastic gloves is recommended when handling any part of this plant.

The Peruvian White Habanero pepper is a rare variety of the Habanero family that is smaller, ivory white-hot and bullet shaped. The small plant produces hot peppers that are smaller than traditional Orange Habanero peppers and have a creamy-white colored skin, making them a popular choice for ornamental pepper growers. Habanero peppers are most commonly red or orange in color, but other Habanero varieties also exist. Like other Habanero varieties, the White Habanero pepper is very spicy and has a slight fruity flavor, which makes it very popular in hot sauces, salsas, and powders. In recent years, Habaneros are becoming more and more mainstream as they are often thought of as the go-to pepper for those looking to spice up a meal. The recent surge in spicy fast food items, spicy chips, and spicy craft beers often list the Habanero pepper as a main ingredient. White Habanero peppers grow more slowly than other habanero varieties and can be more temperamental. You should water pepper plants at the first sign of drooping leaves, but not much more frequently than that as this variety responds negatively to over watering.


1. Planting Depth: 1/4"
2. Seed Spacing: 18-24"
3. Soil Moisture: Moist, not wet
4. Spacing Between Rows: 12-24"
5. Temperature: 78-82°F
6. Days to Germination: 12-16
7. Spacing After Thinning: 9-12"
8. Days to Maturity: 95-100
9. Full Sun

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