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Ice Peaches - Ivory Peaches - White Peaches 5 seeds

Ice Peaches - Ivory Peaches - White Peaches 5 seeds

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INFORMATION FOR BUYERS Please read before purchasing. Hello everyone. Before buying horseradish, garlic, onion and other seeds, please check whether you are allowed to bring these products into your country. Most of them are grown in my garden and do not have a phytosanitary certificate. I cannot assume the risk and responsibility for any country outside of Europe in case of customs confiscation. I do not send seeds to: Australia and New Zealand and other countries where I know they will not be accepted. USA - 3 to 9 week delay. Note: I no longer send tracking letters because even if you pay for tracking letters for the US, Canada, and several other countries, you will not be able to track them because they are not added to the USPS and Canada Post system. The delivery time is the same. There is no time difference for the paid service. I don't know why, but this happens all the time. After leaving Romania, only PRE-TRANSIT remains displayed. Europe delays up to 14-21 days. The post office saves money and sends the letter outside the country after 8-10 days. I know it's ridiculous, but this is the current situation for now. Please do not order if you do not want to wait that long and do not want to take the risk of confiscation. Thus, neither you nor I waste time and money on unnecessary and irritating disputes. If you want to contact me please just message me here on ETSY. Thank you for your understanding and I wish you a dream garden.

Ice Peaches - Ivory Peaches - White Peaches self-fertile tree.
For a good result, plant the seeds in autumn or spring directly in the final place. Do not germinate seeds in the house because it is not necessary. They germinate very well outside, especially if you plant them in autumn. If you plant them in the spring, you should water them more often in case it doesn't rain.
Water during planting and only when dry. In the spring, you should see it sprout and a new peach plant will grow. They are very good for compote, jam and fresh. It spreads easily from seed and if you don't collect all the fruits and leave them on the ground, you will have plenty of baby trees in your garden the following year. This variety only reaches 6 feet tall with plenty of fruit. It is easy to take care of it.
Their taste is sweet with a wonderful aroma. Nice to have it in your garden.

Ripe period: August – September
Color: Light yellow
This type of peach tolerant + 35 / – 28 degrees.
Degree of germination: 100% and very easy.
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