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Jedi Chopsticks

Jedi Chopsticks

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May the Force be with you with these Jedi Chopsticks! Not only functional for eating, but these awesome eating/duelling utensils also add a fun and unique touch to your dining experience. The LED lights emit a bright and colorful glow, creating a mesmerizing and captivating display; available in a variety of colors.

Made with high-quality food safe ABS, these chopsticks are easy to use and comfortable to hold. They feature a simple on/off switch, allowing you to turn the lights on and off as needed. The LED lights run on easily replaceable batteries (3 x LR41 batteries included).

Whether you're having a dinner party, a picnic, a quiet dinner at home or a duel - the Jedi Chopsticks are sure to make a statement. They're a great conversation starter and a fun way to liven up any meal. Plus, they're an excellent gift for anyone who loves unique and stylish products.

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