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This is a fun kitchen gadget that really helps get dried drink residue out of your cups/mugs/glasses. We hooked ours up to the hot water and it works even better! That sticky coffee residue is no match for all the strong water jets. It drains into the sink and so far we have not had any mishaps with water spraying anywhere. Love it!.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Grace
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Uncleaned mugs or glasses are the perfect breeding groundfor bacteria, microbes, and parasites. Once ingested, this results in a number of dreadful diseaseslike stomach ulcers or projectile vomiting, and explosive diarrhea.  Diseases that lead to serious effects on health, and greatly increase the risk for hospitalization. 

The JetSplash™ deeply cleans any sticky residues in any drinkware in seconds.This glass rinser has high-pressure water jets that reach the corners and bottoms of any drinkware where it's impossible to reach. Making the glasses and mugs spotless, and sparkling clean, eliminating harmful bacteria and microorganisms that cause dreadful diseases. 



 DEEP CLEANING: The JetSplash™ features a high-pressurewater flow and multi-anglewashing. It washes out hard-to-reach places and breaks down even the toughest stains and residue in cups. 

 CONSERVES WATER: The JetSplash™ is a specially designed rinser to conserve water. It's 3 times more effective in conserving water usage, it drains directly into the sink to minimize splashing.



✅ CONVENIENT AND EFFICIENT: The multi-angle water flow of the JetSplash™ cleansevery corner of the cup in just a few seconds. It eases labor, enhances work efficiency, and improves cleanliness by removing bacteria and other potentially dangerous microorganisms. 

✅ EASY TO INSTALL:  There is at least 2 inches of space around the mounting hole and the center of the hole to the edge of the sink. The installation process takes less than 15 minutes it's a DYI process and doesn't require a plumber, a time saverfor busy people. 

EASY TO USE:  The JetSplash™ has a simple press mechanism. Simply press and turn glasses that have stuck-on residue to get the jets of water to directly hit different spots, when the cup is cleaned, remove and the water stops spraying.



  1. Put the mouth of the cup downward
  2. Press the bottom of the cup lightly
  3. Remove the cup and stop spraying water
  4. The cleaning is completed! 


We understand the seriousness of the health threat uncleaned mugs or glasses cause, uncleaned mugs and glasses are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, microbes, and parasites. Every time you take a sip, you're transferring the microbes in your mouth to the glass, once ingested by others, it can cause any number of dreadful diseases that can lead to hospitalization. According to a recent study, 90 percent of mugs are covered in germs, and 20 percent of those are the source of contamination.

The JetSplash™ offers drinkware cleanliness to another level, it deeply rinses any sticky residues where bacteria and other potentially dangerous microorganisms grow well. This glass rinser has high-pressure water jets that easily reach hard-to-reach corners and bottoms of mugs and glasses where you can’t. Making the glasses and mugs sparkling clean and safe to use by removing disease-causing bacteria, microbes, and parasites




Product size (H  x W x D): 6.9 x 3.6 x 0.5 inches (17.5 x 9 x 1.2 cm) 



1 x JetSplash™ - Sparkling Glass Rinser


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