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🔥Magic Flying Butterfly

🔥Magic Flying Butterfly

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The Magic Butterfly is available in five different styles: blue, orange, red, purple and yellow. 

Creating a unique romantic atmosphere for the upcoming Valentine's Day,more butterflies,more beautiful the effect, just at this moment,40 butterflies with gold powder bring romantic and happiness belong to you and your family!

The Magic Butterfly can be used in multiple ways. At your next wedding, coordinate the release of multiple Magic Butterflies to give the bride and groom an exit they’ll never forget.

A welcome surprise

The Magic Butterfly is a memorable way to add a colorful accent to your next gift. Your recipient will open their card or book with a delightful gasp as they’re greeted with a floating friend.

.If you’re in a mischievous mood, put the surprise toy inside a textbook or other reading material for a whimsical prank.When the little butterflies are hidden in the book, when we open the book, our magic butterflies will fly out. It is incredible. Where did they steal the magic? Although I don't know, it must be cool to give Butterfly Magic in front of my friends and family!

Take flight

The Magic Butterfly’s simple design uses nothing more than a rubber band, paper wings, and a wireframe to create an imaginative display.

Wind the toy by turning the front wings, thereby twisting the rubber band. Place the butterfly in a card or book while holding the wings down and close it. When your recipient opens their gift, the butterfly springs to life and uses the stored tension to flutter in the air.

You won’t need a net to capture your colorful creature; find where it landed and wind it back up as many times as you want.

Wind up butterfly

Features & specs

Materials: paper, plastic, and rubber band.

Approx. dimensions: 3.9 x 4.3inch (10cm x 11cm).

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