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Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) Seeds - Compindi

Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) Seeds - Compindi

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Growing Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) Compindi Garden Seeds

Begin Forget-Me-Not Myosotis Compindi seeds 8 " 10 weeks prior to the final frost. Sow seeds on top of growing medium and lightly cover with rich soil mix. Germination will take 14 " 21 days then transplant once there are two sets of true leaves to either a temperate indoor spot or harden off if transplanting to the garden. Lightly cover 3 " 4 Forget-Me-Not Compindi seeds in Organically rich, evenly moist, and well-drained soil 6" apart in full sun to partial shade. Myosotis Compindi seeds will often struggle in hot or soggy conditions and will thrive with proper shade during long summer months. Forget-Me-Nots are fairly drought tolerant, but properly ventilate and avoid overhead watering to minimize moisture and wetting foliage since Forget-Me-Not Compindi is susceptible to crown rot and mold. Myosotis sylvatica is aggressively self-seeding and, although each plant may only live to be a biennial, Forget-Me-Not may remain in the garden for years to come and has no serious pests or diseases. Forget-Me-Not Myosotis Compindi seeds are perennials that mature in their second year as 9 " 12" tall dwarfed branching shrubs with a 6 " 9" spread covered in ½" royal blue florets.

Myosotis sylvatica, or more commonly known as Forget-Me-Not, is native to Europe and very widespread in England, Wales, Scotland, and the Isle of Man and has gained the prestigiuous Award of Garden Merit by the UK's Royal Horticultural Society. Myosotis sylvatica is used as a parent to create many hybridized cultivars of Forget-Me-Not throughout the world.

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