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Outsidepride Peony Pale Rose - 10000 Seeds

Outsidepride Peony Pale Rose - 10000 Seeds

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Papaver paeoniflorum is known as Peony Poppy. These annuals are a great addition to any flower garden, and they have sturdy stems, attractive bluish-gray foliage and wonderfully colorful blooms. This variety is pale rose in color and measures a full 4 – 5 inches across. The plant will spread about 12 inches, and planted in a mass grouping offers a beautiful display of color. These poppies make great cut flowers. After the flowers are done, a seedpod forms that many people dry and use in dried floral arrangements. Seed can be started indoors in late winter or directly outdoors in a prepared seedbed. For outdoor sowing, the seed can be planted in late fall, winter, or early spring. Press the seed into the soil but do not cover it. Keep the seed moist. With a temperature of 65F, germination normally occurs within 21 days. Space the plants 15 – 18 inches apart. Grow in full sun and in moist, well-drained soil. These annuals are known for reseeding.
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