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Seeds Arabian Coffee Tree Dwarf Plant Mountain Flower Perennial Garden Ukraine

Seeds Arabian Coffee Tree Dwarf Plant Mountain Flower Perennial Garden Ukraine

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  • PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS in ENGLISH are included. The seed pack has LABELLED a color picture of the product.
  • 100% ORGANIC NON-GMO genuine seeds.
  • More than 200 unique kinds of seeds. CLICK HERE.

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A perennial ornamental deciduous plant. Indoors it reaches a height of up to 3 fl (1.5 m). The leaves are large, linear-spear-shaped, up to 20" (45 cm) long, gray-green in color with a blue tint. It is grown by sowing seeds in a container or flowerpot with a nutritious substrate. For seed germination needs a temperature of 75-85 F (25-30 C). The plant is light-loving, shade-tolerant, but does not tolerate cold, drafts, and excessive soil moisture. It is used for landscaping premises, foyers, shop windows, winter gardens, outdoor terraces, and loggias. If the air is dry, it is regularly sprayed with warm water.

Package includes about 5 seeds



The preparation of seeds is the most important part of the planting process. The result depends on how you have prepared the seeds.

It is advised to soak the seeds before sowing for about 24 – 48 hours in warm water. This will soften the seed coat and accelerate the overall germination. Renew the water every 12 hours or so.

Take a pot and fill it up with a layer of quality seed raising mix. Then put your seeds on this mix and cover them with another layer of soil. A good rule is to cover them with a layer as thick as twice their own size. Humidify the soil but do not overwater to prevent mold.

Place the pot on a warm spot, close to a heat source if needed. 25-35°C (77-95°F) will do for most species. The seeds do not need any light at this stage. The time required for the seeds to germinate varies from species to species and depends on multiple conditions. Generally, it may take from 1,5 to 3 months but also can take one whole year to germinate. Be patient, just hang on, and keep providing the ideal conditions. When the seedlings are big enough, they can be transplanted. Generally, this is when they have their second leaf.

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