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Skin Tag Herbal Removal Patch

Skin Tag Herbal Removal Patch

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Get the fast acting solution for your tags, pimples, moles and other skin problems with our Skin Tag Herbal Removal Patch!


Achieve the natural glow of your skin that’s spotless and flawless, allowing them to fall off naturally and vanish in no time.


  • Effective Remover Patch - a home treatment that provides effective elimination of your skin problems resulting in spotless and flawless skin like never before.
  • Non Surgical - helps your tags, moles, corns, and acne  to fall off naturally and permanently disappear without the need for expensive medical treatments.
  • Natural Safe Formula - this user-friendly kit contains a unique blend of natural ingredients and plant extracts, proven to be safe and effective on all skin types.

  • Wide Application - these patches are effective remover of other skin problems such as corn, moles and warts without causing any irritation. Suitable to use in different parts of your body that need instant treatment.
  • Fast Acting Result -  safely wither in as little as ten days, revealing the beautiful and smooth skin you desire. 
  • Clinically Proven - tested medically with no  harmful side effects, equipped with  breathable skin adhesive and safe formula that helps eliminate dead skin cells in no time.



  • Ingredients: plant extracts, hydrocolloid formula, salicylic acid
  • Type: patch
  • Quantity: 36 patches per bag
  • Sizes: 12 mm ( bigl patch) / 8 mm ( small patch )

Product Includes

1 x Skin Tag Herbal Removal Patch (bag)


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