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SoleCurea Flat Foot Insoles

SoleCurea Flat Foot Insoles

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Feel high level of relief and comfort in every step you take with this SoleCurea Flat Foot Insoles!

These insoles support the heel and arch to relieve foot aches and pain for sufferers of flat feet and fallen arches, high arches, overpronation, leg length discrepancy and plantar fasciitis.

Its U-shaped wrap around heel keeps the calcaneus neutral, enhances stability,reduce the damage to bones and tendons and reduce the relative friction between foot and shoes.


  • FLAT FOOT CORRECTION.The structured deep heel cup provides perfect wrapping, helps stabilize the foot in the right position and adjust your body to normal alignment.?

  • FOOT PAIN RELIEF.This orthotic insole provides anatomical arch support and comfort for those with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, high arch, overpronation, fallen arch and heel pain.?

  • HALLOW HEEL ZONE.Allows heel soles to contact shoe insoles ensuring sufficient cushioning for heel shoes.

  • COMFORTABLE WEARING. Designed with breathable top layer and with anti-slip material makes it stable in your shoes.

  • FOR ANY TYPES OF SHOES.?With its thin and light weight design, these insoles can fit comfortably in most shoes such as athletic shoes, casual shoes, work shoes and boots and more.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL:Made of?premium?material that reduces friction and helps keep the feet cool and dry.?It is excellent for shock absorption and pain relief.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: TPR


  • 1 x SoleCurea Flat Foot Insoles
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