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Tomato Chocolate Sprinkles F1 Seed

Tomato Chocolate Sprinkles F1 Seed

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Add some magic to your tomato planter with these Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato seeds. A colorful tomato cultivar, the Chocolate Sprinkles hybrid cherry tomato features a fun name and great taste. Chocolate Sprinkles tomatoes will grow easily in your garden or shop's containers while adding a unique pop of color.

Enjoy big yields of copper-red colored fruit striped with green produced on indeterminate plants. The 1.5" oval-shaped fruit have a rich sweet taste and are produced in abundance on thick trusses. Harris Seeds' Chocolate Sprinkles Tomato seeds produce firm, crack-resistant flesh that lends itself well to salads, sandwiches or just as a snack. Chocolate Sprinkles are a big improvement over heirlooms of this type and also offer better disease resistance. These tomato seeds are great for all levels of gardeners and produce a substantial yield.

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