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Tongue Cleaning Gel

Tongue Cleaning Gel

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  • DESIGNED BY A DENTIST TO REMOVE THE CAUSE OF BAD BREATH: Dental research proves that 90% of bad breath microbes lives on the tongue, and the only way to effectively remove it is manually. The Brush is designed to break through the sticky tongue plaque and penetrate the nooks and crannies of the tongue where microbes hide, so your mouth will feel noticeably cleaner. The Original Gel: gel contains Zinc, which naturally and safely eliminates bad breath.

  • The Original Gel: Gel contains Zinc, which naturally and safely eliminates bad breath by neutralizing the sulfur gas given off by microbes. It will leave your mouth incredibly fresh and won't gunk up your toothbrush which is not designed for the tongue.

  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: (SOLD SEPARATELY) The Brush is designed to effectively reach the back of the tongue where most of the microbes hide. It's design helps to minimize the gag reflex which over time, if you do have one, will go away with regular use. The low profile, wide head and ergonomic handle means you can effectively reach the back of your tongue easily. You’ll comfortably brush every inch of your tongue, so you can be confident that your breath is completely fresh.

  • NEVER FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT BAD BREATH AGAIN: Fact: you can't smell your own breath. Don't get caught not knowing! If you ever have lingering doubts about the freshness of your breath, The Original Brush and Gel will give you complete confidence. Be confident knowing that has your back. Brush your tongue for confidence. In just ten seconds, you can remove the odor-causing microbes in your mouth and feel fresher than ever before.


  • Item Type: Health

  • Occasion: Daily

  • Net Content: 45g

  • Function: Antibacterial/Gum Care


  • 1* Tongue Cleaning Gel/Tongue Cleaning Brush


  • Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.

  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the pictures.

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