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Topaz cocktail tomato seed

Topaz cocktail tomato seed

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Tomato topaz cocktail seeds (Solanum lycopersicum) 1 hundred seeds

Topaz cocktail tomato is sweet and sweet. It is a mid-season tomato, producing berries of about 25 g, yellow striped green before maturity.

It is delicious in salads, skewers or garnishes.

Sow the seeds in a mini-greenhouse (at 20oC). Repiquez out from April to the end of May (depending on the region). The frosts must no longer be to be feared. Sowing can continue until May depending on the region (directly in place).
Views differ on how to think about the famous size of tomatoes and each gardener has arguments to justify his theory. To the question "what to do?" the answer is simple: what do you want!
The size of tomatoes by squealing is not mandatory, it is intended to increase the caliber of the fruit, their precocity and facilitate the harvesting work.
However, this method has two drawbacks: it requires time and discernment. Indeed, the head of the tomato plant is not always easy to distinguish from a secondary branch. In addition, removing foodies causes sores for your plant. It is therefore highly recommended to consider helping with healing by powdering maerl or green clay brush.
Another vision is not to prune at all and leave the plant fully developed. It will therefore need more space in the garden, i.e. 1 m between each plant. The fruits will be smaller but more numerous.
A third solution is two-strand driving. After pinching the foot 20 cm from the ground, only the two strands that form laterally are kept. Then all foodies are removed.
You can harvest the tomatoes 4 to 5 months after sowing.

Reproducible seeds harvested exclusively in the garden of Pot'à'Jo, a horticultural market garden and permacole of 1500m2. Everything is cultivated there with a deep respect for nature and their inhabitants. I have been growing my own seeds for years, from seed to seed.
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