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Mivorah™ Anti Mosquito-Bracelet

Mivorah™ Anti Mosquito-Bracelet

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Never suffer from itchy Mosquito bites again!

Summer has begun, and the annoying mosquitoes are already on the move...

Not only is the itching often unpleasant for children, but mosquitoes can also transmit dangerous diseases.
Our Anti Mosquito-Bracelets provide reliable protection for you & your children by releasing natural essential oils that are desigend to help minimize moesquito encounters.

100% Free from Toxins & Chemicals

Your well-being is always our top priority, which is why our mosquito repellent is made entirely from natural ingredients and essential oils. It is also especially suitable for children and completely FREE from DEET.


Put aside any thoughts of using other mosquito repellent products

Did you know that mosquito sprays can be highly toxic if inhaled?

Other alternatives aren't much better either, often offering short-term effectiveness and unsuitability for children...
The Anti Mosquito-Bracelet is formulated with natural essential oils, making it suitable for everyone!

Suitable for every wrist

The bracelet is adjustable to fit perfectly on both adults and children. Additionally, it is waterproof and provides continuous protection, no matter the weather conditions.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

We offer a 30-Day return Policy!

We truly believe in the Design and Function of Mivorah's Anti Mosquito Bracelet . That's why we are offering a 30-Day Return Policy. Either you love them or simply just return them! 

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